The beauty of Resource Point is the ability to collaborate and share resources with other agencies. No one agency can meet every need, but together we can work to get people to a place where they no longer need our gift.

- Pastor Gus Davies
Associate Pastor, Northland, A Church Distributed

Resource Point is more than just a great use of technology; it is a life-changing tool. It offers long-term solutions that will radically change lives. By linking together providers that care for the community: churches, government agencies, business and nonprofits, we are creating a network of resources that everyone can access and use.

- Pastor Joel Hunter
Senior Pastor, Northland, A Church Distributed

Resource Point has given Pathways the ability to collaborate at a level that would have been otherwise financially unattainable. Partnering with USF and The Health Council, Resourse Point has helped to bring the Pathways evidence-based program to life

- Debbra Groseclose
Executive Director, Pathways to Home

As one of the original Resource Point team members, this project has been very important to me. I have participated in the growth and development and I am amazed to see the growing acceptance and excitement developing each week. Resource Point is a powerful model for advocacy plus a software tool for case management and data collection, as well as a collaborative network of churches, government agencies and non-profits.

- Gretchen Kerr
Director of Life Crossroads (Prison & Jail Transition, Disaster Response, Resource Point), Northland, A Church Distributed