The success of a system like Resource Point is measured in changed lives. From time to time we have the opportunity to share stories of those changes lives.

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Endless Benefits of Resource Point

By: Amanda Hill

A locally designed website and service of Northland Church, Resource Point, has opened up opportunities for thousands of families in need of various services while connecting people to people in...

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Helpful Resource Guides

By: Kim Goodwin

My mother is getting a lot older so I’m starting to get a little nervous for her safety while driving. I did some research on senior drivers and came across your helpful page,...

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Volunteer Resource Advocate Training

By: Diana Ludwig

Dear Northland Life Crossroads team: Maria, Gretchen and Emily

I am so excited to be a resource advocate/ case manager with FAO at Northland. When Pastor Joel Hunter asked for volunteers last...

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How Resource Point changed my work life

By: Chris Quante

‚ÄúResource Point has changed my work life as a case manager.  It makes detailed information about my clients easy to pinpoint and find.  It saves time because I do not have to dig through...

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Northland LifeHope


A Story Of Giving Hope, Connecting Communities, Changing Lives.
Job loss. Foreclosure. Vehicle repossession. Disabilities. Medical issues. Depression. Broken relationships. Life tragedies. Many of...

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